vSphere 7 update 2

Here is a shot blog over the new features and functionality what is released with Update 2.
There is a link for the 10 minutes what is new from VMware. After I watch it here are the new updates features for Update 2 of vSphere 7.

vSphere with Tanzu:
– Integrated load balancing
– Kubernetes 1.19
– Confidential Containers
– Private Container Registries

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning we have the next updates:
– NVIDIA Support
– Multi-Instance GPU
– vSphere Bitfusion 3.0

Is are the new for updates for vSphere Lifecycle Manager:
– Full support for Tanzu and NSX-T
– Command-line Interfaces
– Desired Image Seeding
– Suspend to Memory

This are the 4 new updates for Availability and Efficeniency:
– DRS & HA Support for Persitstent Memory
– vMotion Auto Scaling
– AMD Epyc optimizations
– Reduce Jitter and Latency for NICs

This are the 4 new updates for Intrincis Security:
– ESXi Key Persistence
– vSphere Native Key Provider
– ESXi Configuration Encryption
– New Security and Compliance guides

The new feature of VMware tools and Guest OS are:
– vTPM Support for Linux
– Guest Content Distribution
– Precision Clock drivers for Windows

In a next blog I will go show how you can use the new feature vSphere Native Key Provider without using an external KMS provider.

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