VMware Cloud Foundation

In this new blog I will create a VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) on my homelab. This is a test drive for what VCF is and what we can with it.
Before you can deploy a VCF environment you need the next requirements:

  • VMware Cloud Builder (Latest) ova file.
  • Licenses for ESXI, vSAN, NSX and vCenter.
  • VLC (Download url)
  • Router that supports BGP and VLANs. You can use yvatta or PFsense.
  • DNS/DHCP server
  • NTP server
  • A single physical server with 12 cores, 128GB RAM and 800GB SSD (My Homelab has that resources)

When we have the requirements we can deploy a VCF environment. Before I write down a large blog for it. I did use the blog of vkernelblog.com to build my own VCF environment.
So when need to build your own VCF environment I would say check the blog of vkernelblog.com

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