Upgrade VMware Tools

In this blog I explain how you can upgrade VMware tools with the Update Manager. I did get a question from a customer how can we upgrade the VMware tools from 250 VM’s. We use a VMware vCenter running on 6.7 latest version. We have three options to update the VMware tools:

  • Manual process
  • Upgrade with a script
  • Upgrade with Update Manager (this blog)

In the next step I will explain how we can upgrade the VMware Tools automatic with Update Manager.

Login to the sphere client of the vCenter.
Go to “Hosts and Clusters”, Select the cluster where you would like to upgrade the VMware Tools.
Go to “Updates”, VMware tools.
Select the VM for the upgrade with VMware tools, click on “Upgrade to match host”

In the next screen we can choose immediatly or in a shedule. In this blog we use immediatly. Change the Schedule task name to what you like.

In the rollback options we use to make a Snapshot (Change the name) and select the option to remove the snapshot automatic after x hours.
We will remove the snapshot automatic after 1 hour.

If the settings are set start the upgrade. vCenter will take a snapshot of the VM. The VMware tools will be mount. Windows install the new VMware tools. The VM will automatic be shutdown and will after couple second automatic started. If the VM is powered on you will see that the VMware Tools are upgraded.
After the x hours the snapshot will automatic deleted.

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