Upgrade Virtual EMC Unity VSA

In this I will explain how I did upgrade a Virtual EMC Unity VSA.
First we need to download the latest software for this upgrade Virtual EMC unity. Go to the support site of Dell EMC and download the sofware. Tip each for “Unity VSA”.

Login to the Unity to the admin website. Click on the “gear icon (1)” in the right corner. Go to “Software Upgrades (2)” and click on “Start Upgrade (3)“.

Preform the “health checks (1)“. Now the will be some checks to find any Configuration error or warnings.

After the check are performed and now error or warnings click “next (1)“.

Upload the “new OS file (1)” and “next (2)“.

Do not deselect “Automaticaly Reboot Storage Processors (1)” and “next (2)“.

Check the “old version (1)” and the “new version (2)“. Click on “Finish (3)” to preform the upgrade.

Check the upgrade steps.

Now the storage processor wil be rebooted and the install will be completed. Is every thing green “Reload Unisphere (1)“.

Upon login a message informs that the OS is successfully upgraded to new version. “Finish (1)

Now the EMC Unity VSA is upgraded to a new version.

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