Upgrade NetApp Simulator

In this post I will tell how you can upgrade a NetApp simulator what is running in my HomeLab. I use this simulator for study for NetApp certification and for test purposes.
This steps are only for a NetApp Simulator. Do not use this in Production.

The first thing we do is to make snapshot op the simulator and then we start the steps for the upgrade.

Add Capacity to Vol0
We go to add a disk to the default aggrate and expand vol0.
Select aggr0_homelabcluster_01 and right-click to add Capacity(1)

Add a disk(1) and then on Add(2)

Now we go to open an SSH session.
On the CLI we type volume show

Now we see the size of the volumes.

In this simulator we have only 1 node. We will change now to that node shell.
Type node run localhost

Now we will go extend vol0. Type vol size vol0 6g

Exit the local node and type volume show now you see the new size.

Upgrade the NetApp simulator with CLI
We will use HFS for the upload of the image.
Download the image for NetApp here and for NFS here

Simple drag and drop the image to the HFS software. Copy the URL because we need later in the process for the upload to the simulator.

Go back CLI and type set adv

First we will get the images.

Now we will upload the new image to image1 of image2.
system image update -node homecluster01 -package -replace image2

The the upload is done the upgrade is start.

Check the image again with system image show. If it good you will see the new uploaded.

Now we will set the the uploaded images as default.
system image modify -node homelabcluster-01 -image image1 -isdefault true

Now we will reboot the sytem to apply the new image.
The command is reboot -node homelabcluster-01

If you see the login screen the system upgrade and login again.

Now you did upload a NetApp simulator. This steps are only for a NetApp Simulator. Do not use this in Production.

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