Upgrade a Virtual EMC DataDomain

In the blog I will tell what the steps are to upgrade a Virtual EMC DataDomain what I use a test device.
I use the Virtual DataDomain to test Veeam Cloud Connect. I use DD-Boost as protocol for a Backup Repo in Veeam.

We will download the latest software from the Dell EMC Support portal. The version what I will use is We need to download it to a system in the DataCenter. From that system we go to the DD SytemManager.
Login to it and go to “Maintenance –> System (1)“. Check the current version of the EMC DataDomain. Click on “Upload Upgrade package (2)” to upload the lasted OS package.

Click on “browse (1)” to selecte the upgrade file and click on “ok (2)“.

Now the package is uploading to your DD.

The new OS Package is uploaded to the DataDomain, click on “Close (1)“.

Selected the “upload package (1)” and click on “Upgrade Precheck(2)“.

Now wait to the precheck is done, click “Close (1)“.

Click after the Precheck is done on “Preform System Upgrade(1)“.

You will see the “current version (1)” and the “target version (1)” and click on “OK (2)“.

Now the upgrade will start. The DataDomain is rebooted the complete the upgrade.

The next step is do delete the upgrade packages.
Login to the DataDomain System manager. Click on “Maintenance –> System(1)“. Now you will see the new “version (2)” select the “OS Package (3)“, click on “Remove Upgrade Package(4)” to free storage spaces for the future upgrades.

Click on “OK (1)” the permit removal.

The package has been remove successfully click on “Close(1)“.

Now the upgrade has been completed. The EMC DataDomain is running now DD VE version 5 with OS 7.2. Allways check the Dell EMC Support for the release notes and upgrade matrix.

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