Migration from On-Premise to VMware vCloud director with vCloud Availability

Perform a migration from VMware On-premise enviroment to a VMware vCloud Director enviroment with vCloud availability console.

I will explain how we did a migration from a VMware vSphere on-premise to a private cloud. The cloud what we is running at a Cloud Service Provider and for management we use VMware vCloud Director.
To do a simple migration from on-premise to the cloud we did use vCloud Availability. vCloud availability is a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) product. In this project we will use it as migration tool.

What do we need:
– VMware enviroment for the migration
– vCloud Director account
– vCloud availability appliance for on-primise

Deploy OVF Template

We will go to install the vCloud availability appliance on the VMware enviroment.
Download link:
Login to you vcenter and import a OVF/OVA Template
Step 2.
Select the OVF/OVA Template you did download from the VMware website
Step 3.
Full in the Name and select the resources location
Step 4.
Select the resouces
Step 5.
Review the details
Step 6.
Accept the license agreement
Step 7.
Select Storage
Step 8.
Select Network
Step 9.
Fill in the info what is needed for the cutomization of the template
Step 10.
Click on finish and wait for the applicance to be deployed and started.

Configuration appliance

When the deployment is done go the ip-adres (https://<appliance-deployed-ip> to do the next configuration.
Step 1.
Login in root password.

Step 2.
Change root Appliance Password

Step 3.
Click on “Run initial setup wizard” (1)

Step 4.
Enter the “site name”(1) and click on “next”(2)

Step 5.
Fill the info in.
– Lookup service address (1)
– SSO Admin Username (2) – mostly administrator@vsphere.local
– Password (3) of that SSO Admin Username

Step 6.
Enter the info on the Service Provider and use a Organization Admin Account.

Step 7.
Select or deselect the CEIP

Step 8.
Select “Configure local placement now”(1) and klik op Finish(2)

Configure local placement

Now we will configure the placement if you would like to do a rollback from the cloud to on-premise
Step 1.
Select the VM folder
Step 2.
Select the compute resources
Step 3.
Select the default network
Step 4.
Select the datastore where the VMDK are be stored
Step 5.
Review the configure and I it good click in finish

Now we have configure the on-premise to the cloud. Click on “Configuration” you can see what for settings are configured.
If you use “System monitoring” tab you see the status of all services.

I will make a new part for how you can configure the migration for a couple VM’s and some nice settings. See Part 2

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