Migration from On-Premise to VMware vCloud Director with vCloud Availability – Part 2

This is part 2 over how to perform a migration from the on-premise to a Service Provider with VMware vCloud Director.
If you like to see how I did make the config check the previous post.

We will open the VMware vCloud Availability Console and then we add a job what we will use for a migration to our Service Provider.
Click on the cloud and go to Incoming replication from on-premise.

Clik then on the Cloud Icon to make a job for a replication.

Select the VM what you would to use for the Migration and click then on Next.

Select the right vDC and the Storage Policy for the placement of the disk and VM.

Make the Settings and click then on Next.
In the example we leave everything default.

Review it, Click on Finish to start the replication

You will see that RPO of this job is 24hour. This will mean that the copy job runs every 24hours.

Start the Migration

Select the job and clik on Migration

Select the settings. We choose for automatic poweron after migration and apply the preconfigured network settings. When done click on Next.

Review the settings and then Finish.

Now the is running a last Delta sync. The VM is powered-off on the On-premise enviroment and will be started on the vCloud enviroment.
When the VM is powered-on you have succesfull migratie a VM from on-premise to the cloud.

For uss was this a very quick methode to migration on-premise VM’s to a VMware vCloud Director enviroment is a Cloud Service Provider. The main key is to setup the replication job and also the config of the netwerk and ip settings. When you do this a couple weeks before the migration you can test en it and then moment is there you can do the migration in a couple hours.

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