Microsoft change Store for Endpoint Manager

In this blog something else then Virtualization, Storage and Networking.
Microsoft is change the Microsoft Store for Business to a new Store concept based on WinGet.

Winget in Endpoint Manager. How can you use it. Logon to
In Endpoint Manager we choose for apps and then we choose for Windows as platform.

Now we will go add an application from the Windows Store with WinGet. You can choose for a legacy methode or with New.

After we choose for the New methode we can choose the application on the search. In this example we search for “Remote” and choose the app “Microsoft Remote Desktop.”

The last what you need to do add the assignments for de deployment of the app with the new WinGet Methode. Advice will be change all “Legacy” apps from the Microsoft Store for Business to the new methode. Just add them as a “New” app and add the assignments and remove the assignments on the old app.

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