General Availability VMWare Cloud Foundation 4.4.1

VMWare did announce VMWare Cloud Foundation 4.4 in the month of February 2022. Now they did release a new update for VCF 4.4. The new release is 4.4.1.
In this blog a short recap what is the release of VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4.1.

Next updates are the new in this release.
1. VMWare SDDC Manager 4.4.1;
2. The latest update of VMWare vCenter 7.0 u3d, release notes;
3. New NSX-T Version, release notes & KB87975;
4. A update for VMWare vRealize suite LifeCylce Manager 8.6.2 PSPAK3.

For more info over VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4.1 see the website of VMware and the announcement
Check the release notes for the Bill of Materials and more info over the new features.

You can install VCF 4.4.1 as a new install of you can upgrade to VCF 4.4.1. from the next versions (4.4, 4.3.1, 4.3, 4.2.1, 4.2.0,, 4,1).

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